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Evil Czech Brewery was founded by George Pesek using the same philosophy he’s employed throughout his career as a chef and restaruanteur; use only the highest quality ingredients, surround yourself with people who are as passionate about your product as you are, improve your technique each and every day, and give your customers what they want! The result is a line of fantastic hand-crafted brews that will match any mood you’re in, and enhance any occasion you’re celebrating. We don’t just work here…we love beer and the art of brewing as much as you do, and sincerely hope you enjoy our beers as much as we enjoy them. At Evil Czech Brewery, we believe life is too short to drink bad beer, but there’s always time for Evil Beer!

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Make it a taco night!

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You know what day it is. We know what day it is. The question is – What time are you getting to ECB for #tacotuesday?

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Our pumpkin beer is out! Sasquash: Belgian Wit brewed with pumpkin, squash and spice (5.5% ABV)

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Evil Czech Dorm Daze Beer Dinner

The food you always ate… Done right! With the beer you could never afford!

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Hey, turn that frown upside down. You might feel sad and all, but that frown could cost you $100,000. And then you’d REALLY be frowning, which..

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Join us for our Dorm Daze Beer Dinner learn more
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